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We develop projects that sustain the health, resilience and adaptability that maintain ecosystems and economy in a condition where people and wildlife can flourish.

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Invest in the future

With True Nature Foundation we are focusing on ecological restoration, rural development and climate change mitigation through carbon sequestration and ‘climate labs’ to test and multiply nature-based solutions.

We develop projects that sustain the systemic health, resilience and adaptability that maintain ecosystems in a condition where people and wildlife can flourish. New nature-based economic opportunities enable young people to find jobs and stay in their areas. At the same time the project develops important breeding herds of endangered megaherbivores.

We work directly with local communities – their local, traditional knowledge is crucial for protecting increasingly fragile landscapes. Technological innovation is crucial too. We are using the latest tools for planning, implementation, monitoring and impact assessment, including GIS, Remote Sensing, trail cameras, sensors, drones and IoT.

Invest in the planet

Nature provides us with around $125 trillion in economic value every year, so it is worth protecting and restoring. Nature also provides vital services at the local, regional and global scales, such as food production, water purification, flood protection and climate-change mitigation. And with biodiversity and ecosystem services worth more in monetary terms than the entire worldwide economy, there’s a clear business case to be made for investing in ecological restoration.

In every crisis lies an opportunity. Now is our chance to achieve systemic change for more sustainable and resilient economies and societies. Investment in low carbon economic opportunities and nature-based solutions is crucial for a green and just recovery.

You can play a major role in driving this systemic change. 

True Nature Investment

Businesses increasingly intregrate biodiversity and sustainable development into their investment decision-making. Grants and investment enable TNF to channel funds to projects and programmes focused on ecological, social and climate impact.

Invest in our ecological restoration projects:
Financial institutions, entrepreneurs and other investors can invest in activities ranging from reforestation, natural regeneration, trophic rewilding, carbon sequestration to landscape bases approaches, generating benefits that let both people and nature prosper.

Invest in our nature-based business models:
Business action for biodiversity generates new services, products and technologies with reduced impacts on biodiversity and the climate. Driven by changes in consumer awareness and preferences, our projects also promote human health and recreation and create new markets e.g. in ecotourism, organic agriculture and certified sustainable products) and thus and new revenue streams.

Valle del Bisonte

  • Ecological restoration €25,000
  • Ecotourism €90,000
  • Carbon sequestration €30,000
  • Rural development €20,000

European bison, wild horses and vultures in a unique Pre-Pyrenees Wildlife Reserve of 13,000 hectares.


Laguna del Cañizar

  • Wetland restoration €35,000
  • Ecotourism & accommodation €117,000
  • Carbon sequestration €15,000
  • Rural development €23000
One of the greatest natural attractions in the Jiloca Valley, Aragon, Spain



  • Vegetation restoration €40,000
  • Ecotourism €97,000
  • Carbon sequestration €20,000
  • Rural development €18,000
Spectacular landscapes and wild horses in Peña Negra, Province of Cáceres, Spain


Danube Delta

  • Wetland restoration €27,000
  • Ecotourism & accommodation €95,000
  • Carbon sequestration €20,000
  • Rural development €18,000
Reintroduction of Carpathian water buffalo in the Danube Delta ecosystem in Ukraine


EU Biodiversity Strategy for 2030

Nature restoration will be a central element of the EU’s recovery plan from the coronavirus pandemic, providing immediate business and investment opportunities for restoring the EU’s economy.

The new EU-wide Biodiversity Strategy will:

  • establish protected areas for at least 30% of land and 30% of sea in Europe
  • restore degraded ecosystems at land and sea across the whole of Europe
  • increase organic farming and biodiversity-rich landscape features on agricultural land
  • halt and reverse the decline of pollinators
  • reduce the use and risk of pesticides by 50% by 2030
  • restore at least  25 000 km of EU rivers to a free-flowing state
  • restore 3 billion trees by 2030 to fight climate change.

If you would like to invest and receive more information on how True Nature Investment is working to drive real improvements for communities, ecosystems and the climate, please send us an email at

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