Prof. Dr. George Molenkamp

Prof. Dr. George Molenkamp

Sustainability & Finance Specialist
The Netherlands

George Molenkamp was born in Brisbane, lived shortly in the former Dutch East Indies and was educated in the Netherlands.

After completion of his academic (bio) chemistry study (cum laude) and academic research he obtained a PhD in natural sciences and mathematics at the Radboud University in 1975. He

received his commission from Her Majesty the Queen as state public health inspector in 1974 in The Hague. He worked there from 1974-1985 advising the responsible ministers and supervising the regional authorities and the industry in the province of South regarding all environmental matters related to public health.

He left on his own initiative the public service in 1985 and started within Touche Ross (an accountancy and advisory firm, now Deloitte) in The Hague a consulting business with a new vision on dealing with environmental questions in business: focusing on management of environmental issues in companies from a business and management perspective.

This approach was well received in business and government and was a few years later embedded in a White Paper of the Dutch Government as a future environmental policy.

His (multidisciplinary) group was the first in Europe setting the foundations for environmental and sustainability management and auditing in companies and corporate sustainability reporting and auditing. In 1988 he was appointed as partner.

He joined with his entire group KPMG in 1992 as an equity partner of KPMG. He was there the

founder and chairman of KPMG Global Sustainability Services (now: 700 professionals within KPMG globally in more than 40 countries and known as: KPMG Climate and Sustainability Services) until his retirement late 2007.

He has worked with companies in more than 40 countries. He was personally closely involved in work in the field of corporate responsibility for multinational corporations in Europe, South America, Australia and Asia (Japan, South Korea, China) in almost all the business sectors, and the Dutch and German government.

He has contributed to numerous publications in the international press and to business magazines, and has written with his team many handbooks for business (English, Spanish, Russian, Japanese) and gave more than thousand presentations for conferences and seminars and interviews for the press in about 40 countries.

In 1995 he was appointed as a special professor at the Faculty of Economics, University of Amsterdam. His oratory speech: “The commercialization of the environment” was well received in the press, business world and among the policymakers in government. He laid with his team the foundations for Corporate (Social) Responsibilities and conducted and published together with the University of Amsterdam many business surveys in this field with a wide coverage in the press.

After his retirement in October 2007 he was member of several advisory boards across the business sector and at the University of Amsterdam (Shanks plc. Holland Financial Centre, Duisenberg School of Finance, KRO broadcasting).

Among his current advisory boards may be mentioned:

  • Chairman of the KPMG Sustainability Business Partner Meeting (Amstelveen)
  • Chairman of the Advisory Board of the Amsterdam Business School for the MSc Business Administration, Faculty of Economics and Business Studies, University of Amsterdam
  • Vice- chairman of the Advisory Board of the Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies, University of Amsterdam
  • Member of the Advisory Education Board of the Faculty of Science (FNWI), University of Amsterdam
  • Member of the Advisory Board for Society and University (MAR) of the Faculty of Social Sciences, VU University Amsterdam
  • Member of the KLO (business and society) reflection group of VNO-NCW (The Confederation of Netherlands Industry and Employers in The Hague).
  • Member of the conultation group for societal questions of Council of Churches (Netherlands)
  • Advisor of the Dutch Roman Catholic Bishops Conference for environment and sutainability

Last but not least he is still in contact with many KPMG Sustainability alumni. Recently the KPMG sustainability Group celebrated its 30 year anniversary in Amstelveen at the KPMG HQ. More than 120 alumni attended this celebration. Many of the alumni now work in business (financial sector, business or have independent consultancies in water or nature management).

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