Dr. Mark Hoyer

Dr. Mark Hoyer

Board Member, Veterinarian

Mark Hoyer, veterinarian, qualified in 1985 from Utrecht University, the Netherlands, and is currently veterinarian / veterinary advisor in natural grazing projects with European bison, wild cattle, horses, and deer. He has a specialization in Tropical Veterinary Medicine and Farm Animal Medicine. During his training he did various residencies in Wildlife and Zoo Medicine in South Africa, Kenya and the Netherlands.

After having spent five years as university lecturer in Ruminant Medicine and Herd Health Programs and clinician at the Faculty of Vet. Medicine, Utrecht (85-86) and the Faculty of Vet. Science of the Univ. of Zimbabwe, Harare (’87-’91), he returned to the Netherlands.

From 1991 to 1999 Mark worked as a large animal veterinary surgeon (ruminants and horses) in three veterinary practices.

In 1995, Mark established the Veterinary Immobilization Advisory bureau (VIA).

Activities include:

. Capture of wild, escaped, feral or aggressive animals.

. Veterinary and remote (tele-) immobilization advice to veterinary practices, the Dutch national police force, rangers and other individuals interested in this topic.

. Courses in wild and feral animal immobilization and field anesthesia,

. Tailored advice on tele-immobilization equipment and retail of darting systems (Pneudart® and Dan-inject®)

. Veterinarian / veterinary advisor of some Dutch nature conservation organizations, like ARK Nature Development, FREE Nature Foundation, SBB and NM for their natural grazing projects with European bison, wild cattle, horses, and deer.

. From the start in 2007 of the PWN / ARK European bison project, he has been the veterinarian and supervisor responsible for all immobilizations and translocations.

Mark has over 35 years of experience with working with wild animals in Africa and Europe.

In 2001 Mark was appointed as head of the veterinary department of Amsterdam’s ARTIS Royal Zoo, where he worked till 2014. The veterinary day to day care of the zoo’s collection (mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and fish), anesthesia, preventive medicine programs, quarantine, research, teaching and supervision of students, were part of his responsibilities.

He is (co-)author of numerous scientific papers on zoo animal health related topics.

Mark was the veterinary advisor for the European Tapir and the Deer (Tragulidae) TAG and till date member of the IUCN Tapir Specialist Group.

Mark Hoyer is a guest lecturer at the Faculty of Veterinary Science in Utrecht on Wildlife Population Health, Wildlife Immobilization and Translocation, and is a frequently asked speaker on zoo and wildlife related topics.

Veterinary and ecological aspects of natural grazing projects, including, anesthesia, conservation medicine, quarantine and translocation, GPS collaring and wild animal behavior are fields of his special interest.

Mark is married and a father of two adult sons and a daughter.


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