Daniel Schinteie

Daniel Schinteie

Programme Manager Romania

Schinteie Daniel was born in Anina in the Carpathian Mountains in Western Romania, one of the wildest places in Europe. All his life he was passionate about wildlife and the wilderness from the surrounding Anina’s Mountains, but he saw the destruction left behind by human exploitation (hunting, tree cutting), that’s when he decided to study for 3 years “The Geography of Tourism” at Universitatea de Vest from Timisoara, where he wanted to find other solutions for wilderness exploitation by humans without destroying it.

After two more years of study he has a master’s degree in “Tourism Development and Improvement” at Universitatea de Vest from Timisoara. His dissertation project is about “The Capitalization Of The Tourism Potential From The Semenic-Cheile Carasului and Cheile Nerei-Beusnita National Parks” , the two parks are found in Anina’s Mountains near his home town.

In his free time he goes hiking and he is administrating a Facebook page which promotes his hometown and surroundings. He has been involved with the True Nature Foundation since 2013 and he is currently working with the organization to develop several projects in Anina’s Mountains.

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