Arend de Haas

Arend de Haas

Secretary, Conservation Ecologist

Arend de Haas is a conservation ecologist with over 16 years of experience with wildlife and habitat conservation, ecotourism and sustainable community development projects in Europe and Africa. His research and field experience areas include primatology, ungulate ecology, nocturnal animals, laser altimetry, forest biodiversity and vegetation mapping in Africa, Asia and Europe. Currently he is involved in primate (Cross River gorillas, chimpanzees) conservation in Cameroon, forest elephant conservation (Cameroon, Congo), wildlife and forest conservation in Kenya and Tanzania. He has also been involved in tree planting programmes and environmental education in Tanzania, Kenya and Cameroon.

Capacity building is an important part of his work and he provides training in non-profit management, communication, community based conservation and education to local partners, governments and NGOs, in Africa. He has a special interest in conservation-related research and planning using geographic information systems and remote sensing to answer important questions and meet the many challenges facing our natural environment.

When not in the field, he develops and coordinates international campaigns involving the general public in conservation. He is also coaching and coordinating volunteer projects in Mozambique, Cameroon, Malawi and Kenya, including international recruitment. He currently works with many local NGOs on conservation and ecotourism related projects, using inclusive and integrated approaches.

A proponent of rewilding, he advocates more ecology-orientated approaches in European conservation – one which allows natural ecological processes to thrive – scientific approaches in translocations, and more international involvement in the development and management of Europe’s natural areas.

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