Rewilding: Large-scale conservation aimed at restoring balance of the natural world

by | Feb 23, 2020 | Ecological Restoration, Reintroduction, Rewilding

For a long time, many species have been so scarce that they are hardly ever seen. Humanity has wiped out over fifty percent of all mammals, birds and fish in as many years. Across Europe, efforts to restore the balance of ecosystems damaged by the human footprint are now seeing returns of many wild animals close to extinction. But not everyone is happy with their return.

Wolves have returned to Denmark and lynxes have returned to Germany. Animals that have long been absent from most of Europe are now returning or being reintroduced into long-lost habitats. Why is this happening, and why now?

White-tailed eagles are back along large parts of the Norwegian coast. These birds of prey and other predatory animals have created new opportunities for photographers, and nature tourism has created new industries in some coastal districts. For sheep farmers, however, these predators can cause problems.

In Europe, there is no longer much nature untouched by human intervention. However, migration from the countryside to cities has paved the way for large-scale projects to restore our natural environment. Predators like lynx and wolf are reintroduced, and populations of deer and wild boar explode.

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