First World Rewilding Day celebrates rewilding initiatives globally

by | Mar 19, 2021 | Ecological Restoration, Rewilding

On March 20th of this year, rewilding initiatives around the world will celebrate the first annual #WorldRewildingDay to expand awareness of rewilding, one of the most powerful and widely available methods for stabilising the biodiversity and climate crises. Are you #ReadyToRewild?

Nature is our best ally to solve global problems, and the time for rewilding is now. Rewilding activities are efforts aimed at restoring and protecting natural processes and wilderness areas. Rewilding practitioners engage in a multitude of activities including reintroducing native keystone species, protecting watersheds, and restoring corridors and wildlands to their natural state.

Wisent successfully reproducing in fertile natural habitat in Spain, lake-wading water buffalo in the Danube Delta, wild horses returning to the plains, all bring back greater dynamics to landscapes and have a positive impact on biodiversity.

A growing body of research shows that by restoring wildlands we can quickly and effectively achieve at least 37% of global carbon capture targets, and increase the probability of avoiding the catastrophic effects of runaway climate change and extinction.

World Rewilding Day

Backed by the Global Rewilding Alliance, an umbrella group for organisations in more than 70 countries that are working onecosystem restoration initiatives, World Rewilding Day will this year be celebrated with virtual events to share knowledge, skills and connections.

World Rewilding Day was born out of the planning that took place for the 11th World Wilderness Congress and the Global Rewilding Charter. Recognizing the vast promise of ecosystem restoration, scientists and conservation leaders started to coalesce around the idea that rewilding can empower millions of people around the world to take actions that restore nature and help combat climate change.

Global Rewilding Alliance

World Rewilding Day has been launched by the Global Rewilding Alliance, bring together more than 120 organisations from across world engaged in a wide range of rewilding actions.

True Nature Foundation is at the forefront of the global rewilding movement and one of the planners of World Rewilding Day. Join our global community of rewilding professionals and the Rewilding Academy restoring ecosystems and building nature-based economies.

“World Rewilding Day is a message of hope,” says Guido Beauchez, Chairmain of True Nature Foundation. “It is a powerful way to bring together people behind one goal: to restore ecosystems and tackle the overlapping extinction, climate and health crises we are facing. Our Restore Europe programme connects ecosystem restoration with regenerative agriculture, to restore ecological corridors, rural economy and human wellbeing.”

The first-annual World Rewilding Day falls on March 20, 2021 in the same year the United Nations launches the Decade of Ecosystem Restoration. To find more information, please visit, or contact

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Happy #WorldRewildingDay!


True Nature Foundation’s mission is to combine ecological restoration and conservation to create thriving environments for sustainable development and resilient communities. Our success depends on the active involvement of communities whose lives and livelihoods are linked to the natural ecosystems we seek to sustainably protect.



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Our projects align the ongoing needs of rural communities with the health of the landscape and wildlife populations, providing a pragmatic approach to meeting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and supporting the global health, climate change and biodiversity conservation agenda.

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