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A pioneer in rewilding capacity development, the Rewilding Academy offers unique learning experiences through a curated set of face-to-face and online training as well as project-based experiential learning opportunities. We are operating at the interface between ecological restoration and rural development.


The Rewilding Academy’s vision is to act as a knowledge exchange platform to disseminate specialist knowledge of ecosystem restoration and related fields to incubate a new generation of change makers.


Our mission is to promote experiential learning, to equip practitioners and students with cross-disciplinary knowledge and skill sets, and to ignite an attitude of learning and inquiry by promoting academic study, creativity, and systems thinking.

The Rewilding Academy’s activities provide complementary support for project development and implementation serving the three goals of halting biodiversity loss, mitigating climate change and developing nature-based rural economies. It boosts efforts to catalyse transformational change in the area of sustainable development by means of capacity and skills development.

Our work is based on 3 pillars:

1st pillar

Training, Capacity building, Skills development

Rewilding involves a wide variety of cross-disciplinary skills. We can offer unique learning experiences wherever you are in your career. The Rewilding Academy develops and offers curriculum-based courses, lectures, hands-on workshops and training, refresher courses, seminars, exchanges and field-based activities covering ecosystem-related knowledge and skill sets in six key learning areas.

2nd pillar

Knowledge dissemination

The Rewilding Academy, in collaboration with founding and other leading organisations, organises interactive activities, webinars and conference sessions. Aim is to bring together specialists of various fields, pioneers and practitioners, students and selected external speakers to facilitate knowledge dissemination, promote formal and informal learning, and inspire action using a systems thinking approach.

3rd pillar


The Academy is a pro-active forum for rewilding science and practical experience. In order to facilitate networking and collaboration, we set up an exchange platform through the ‘Community’ section of this website. This platform gives practitioners and students an opportunity to share rewilding information, experiences, results and lessons learned.

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