Public Disclosures

Statutory Organisation details

  • Name of ANBI: Stichting True Nature Foundation
  • Chamber of Commerce number: 56588216
  • RSIN/ Fiscal number:  852201138
  • SBI Code: 94993
  • Address: Galileistraat 118, 2561TJ Den Haag
  • Contact:
  • Executive Board: Guido Beauchez (chairman, director), Arend de Haas (secretary, director), Marijke Brune (director)
  • Non-executive Board  Bas Knol (treasurer), Jalbert Kuijper (member), Hans Lenstra (member), Mark Hoyer (member)
  • Objectives of the Foundation
  • Reward Policy
  • Financial Reporting
  • Terms & Conditions

Statutory objectives

1. True Nature Foundation aims to:
a. giving space to nature in Europe, in a capacity as complete as possible;
b. introducing natural grazing in areas in Europe;
c. introducing and reintroducing so-called “key animal species” into
ecosystems in Europe; especially ancient, aurochs related, Cattle Breeds, Wild Horse, European Bison and Water Buffalo, in addition to other animal species;
d. providing an economic alternative form of land use, wildlife and wilderness is capital, to be realised through ecotourism; safari-based tourism; forms of accommodation; wilderness products; adjoining tourist infrastructures; FSC approved and responsible forestry.

2. The foundation tries to achieve its goal by:
A. To promote the conservation and restoration of nature by means of ecosystem restoration and sustainable management of landscapes, anywhere in the world, in as complete a capacity as possible, based on natural processes;
B. Reintroduce locally extinct animal and plant species;
C. Initiating and implementing projects that support and promote international climate goals.
D. To promote rural development by means of alternative forms of land use, to be realized by:
– ecotourism;
– sustainable forms of accommodation;
– regional products from nature and rural areas;
– related infrastructure, products and services.
E. To perform all further actions that are related to the above in the broadest sense or that may be conducive to them.

3. The foundation explicitly does not aim to make a profit.

Reward policy

True Nature Foundation has a One Tier Board, composed of Executive (directors) and Non-Executive (supervisory) Board members.
Non-Executive Board members do not receive any remuneration, neither directly nor indirectly, for the board activities as stated in the Articles of Association.
They are, however, entitled to reimbursement of the costs incurred by them within the performance of their position and approved by the Executive Board.
The reward for Executive Board members (directors) and other employees for project related work is determined by the Non-Executive Board in accordance with the Dutch Charities’ Remuneration Guidelines of Goede Doelen Nederland (Regelingbeloning Directeuren van Goededoelenorganisatie, 2020).

Financial reporting

The foundation publishes abridged annual accounts every fiscal year. These accounts are provided to all funders, sponsors and donors of the foundation and can be obtained by third parties, on request, by sending an email to