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We create nature-based solutions that let ecosystems and people prosper.

True Nature Foundation develops integrated ecological restoration and sustainable development projects together with local, national and international organisations, as a catalyst for positive change in rural communities.

Valle del Bisonte

Cantabrian Mountains, Spain

Danube Delta

Odessa Oblast, Ukraine

Coto Doñana

Andalusia, Spain

Laguna del Cañizar

Aragon, Spain

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Peña Negra

Extremadura, Spain


Our work has never been more urgent, and we’re inspired by the passion and resilience we see in communities and partners who are committed to restoring ecosystems and rural areas. By investing in True Nature projects you will help address the extinction and climate crises, while developing nature-based rural economies.

Valle del Bisonte

Bison Valley

Montaña de Riaño – Picos de Europa

Cantabrian Mountains, Province of León, Northern Spain

After 15,000 years, European bison, wild pottoka horses and other megafauna return to long-lost habitat in the Cantabrian Mountains. Goal of the project is ecological restoration to promote climate change resilience, biodiversity conservation and sustainable management of the forest landscape under global change. The project develops job and income generation opportunities that support the rural economy – as drivers for sustainable development.

Peña Negra, Extremadura

Piornal, Extremadura, Province of Cáceres, Northern Spain

The spectacular landscapes of Peña Negra in Extremadura harbour Europe’s last truly free ranging horse population. These local horses, called Pottoka, are close relatives of the wild horses that once roamed the Iberian peninsula. TNF collaborates with ethologist and ‘horse whisperer’ Lucy Rees and the municipality of Piornal to restore the original megafauna and develop ecotourism opportunities in the area.

Coto Doñana

Andalusia, provinces of Huelva, Cádiz and Seville
Southern Spain

Coto Doñana is one of Europe’s most important wetland reserves and supports important resident populations of threatened species like Iberian lynx, Adalbert’s eagle, marbled teal, and white-headed duck. TNF helps to restore the park’s original megafauna, including Retuertas horses, one of the oldest European breeds, as well as cattle as part of our Aurochs backbreeding programme.

Danube Delta

Lake Kartal Eco Park
Orlovka, Odessa Area, Ukraine

True Nature Foundation together with the Centre for Regional Studies (CRS) and the Municipality of Orlovka, reintroduced Carpathian water buffalo in the Danube Delta ecosystem in Ukraine. Main goal is restoration and enrichment of wetland ecosystems, while making the region more climate change resilient.

Laguna del Cañizar

Adjara region

Valle del Ticino

Stara Planina