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One World - One Health

Conference Session on Rewilding

True Nature Foundation will host a 90 minutes session on « Rewilding as a Biodiversity Engine » at the upcoming online GLF Biodiversity Conference: One World – One Health, 28-29 October.

Contribute to shaping the agenda for the post-2020 Biodiversity Framework and the upcoming UN Decade of Ecosystem Restoration. With critical conferences canceled by the COVID-19 pandemic, it is essential to continue to identify and share solutions together. This is the moment to raise your voice and influence the global agenda.

One world – One health

Our planet faces a biodiversity crisis at a scale beyond anything humans have ever known. A global pandemic jeopardizes our health and economy; one million species are on track for extinction in the coming decade; and rising temperatures are stoking wildfires and transforming ecosystems across the Earth. With so much already lost – and so much more to lose – how can we join forces to build back and build better?

This conference will aim to answer the following questions:

  1. How can the international community – including governments, civil society, the private sector academia, concerned individuals and Indigenous and local communities – work together most effectively to tackle the root causes of biodiversity loss?
  2. What needs to be on the agenda for the UN Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) Post-2020 Framework on biodiversity and ecosystem restoration?
  3. How can we integrate the preservation of biodiversity with the prevention of future global pandemics?


Rewilding session speakers
GLF biodiversity conference speakers


Tompkins Foundation
Rewilding Britain
European Investment Bank
Conservation Capital

Meet our speakers

Kristine Tompkins

Kristine Tompkins

Co-founder and president of Rewilding Argentina/Tompkins Conservation, Chile/US

Kristine McDivitt Tompkins is the cofounder and president of Tompkins Conservation and the UN Patron of Protected Areas. The former CEO of Patagonia, Inc, she has spent almost thirty years protecting and restoring Chile and Argentina’s wild beauty and biodiversity through creating national parks, restoring wildlife, inspiring activism, and fostering economic vitality as a result of conservation. A key figure behind the establishment of 13 national parks in Argentina and Chile, she has helped to protect approximately 14.5 million acres through Tompkins Conservation and its strategic partners, Rewilding Argentina and Tompkins Conservation Chile. With her late husband Douglas Tompkins, who passed away in 2015, Kristine is considered one of the most successful national park-oriented philanthropists in history. In 2017, she received the Carnegie Medal of Philanthropy. Her 2020 TED Talk, entitled “Let’s Make the World Wild Again,” discusses the critical role we all have to play to heal the planet. A global leader in conservation, she currently serves as Chair of National Geographic Society’s Last Wild Places campaign.

Rebecca Wrigley

Rebecca Wrigley

Co-founder and CEO of Rewilding Britain, United Kingdom

Rebecca is one of the founders of Rewilding Britain. She has worked in the voluntary and public sectors for 25 years, 15 years at senior management level. 

Rebecca has developed, managed and implemented conservation and community development programmes at local, national and international levels in the UK, Mexico, Uganda and New Zealand. This includes working with WWF-Mexico, Oxfam and Concern Worldwide. Her particular expertise is engaging local communities in decision-making about the land and its resources.

Stefanie Lindenberg

Stefanie Lindenberg

Coordinator, Natural Capital Finance Facility, European Investment Bank, Brussels, Belgium

Stefanie is a coordinator for the Natural Capital Finance Facility (NCFF) with the European Investment Bank where she previously worked in different positions within the EIB’s Climate and Environment Team. Before joining the Bank, Stefanie worked with the European Commission, the city network ICLEI-Local Governments for Sustainability and as a carpenter. When not working, you will find Stefanie outdoors reconnecting with nature.

Luis Martinez

Luis Martínez

Country Programme Manager, True Nature Foundation, Spain

Country Program Manager of TNF for Spain during the last eight years, and board member of the Valle del Bisonte Foundation, J. Luis Martínez-Zaporta works also as Biodiversity Consultant for Friends of the Earth Europe (Brussels) and private companies. Luis collaborates with and has founded several associations, such as the Riojan Association for Environmental Education and the local Seeds Network. He has a Bachelor in Biology, Master degree in Conservation and Evolution of Biodiversity, and an Executive Master in Business Administration.

Giles Dvies

Giles Davies

CEO, Conservation Capital, United Kingdom

Giles founded Conservation Capital in 2004 and now leads their work designing and developing specialist conservation enterprise impact investment entities with and on behalf of their clients and partners. He has been involved with several private equity ventures and has extensive experience as a non-executive Director of both private and public companies both within and outside the conservation sector. He has led well over 100 conservation enterprise related transactions in more than 20 countries.

Rewilding as a biodiversity engine

Rewilding is a new, (pro)active approach to biodiversity conservation. Restoring ecosystems is key to our public health and mental well-being, and vital in the fight against climate change and mass extinction. The goal of this session is to discuss and promote sound models of rewilding, in order to reach and maintain a favourable level of health for habitats and species. Can we bring back natural processes while promoting socio-economic development and supporting rural communities? In this session, we share experiences with rewilding projects, and look at possible funding and income-generating mechanisms that contribute to healthy, life-supporting landscapes and rural development.

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Rewilding as a biodiversity engine

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What’s on the agenda?

The GLF Biodiversity Digital Conference will convene representatives from a wide range of sectors to address concerns at the crossroads of biodiversity, ecosystem restoration and global health. The event will showcase the latest perspectives from scientists, environmental practitioners, policymakers, banks, private corporations, Indigenous Peoples and local communities. Participants will present concrete solutions to conserve and restore the world’s biodiversity, which underpins the vital services natural systems provide to humans –from livelihoods to clean water and air.


The COVID-19 crisis has caused the UN CBD to postpone the negotiations for its post-2020 global biodiversity framework. Yet, now is the time that the global community must step up and set a pathway for restoring the earth. Aligning with CBD’s envisioned pathways to transformative change and the 2020-2030 UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration, the Global Landscapes Forum (GLF) advocates for a reorientation of our economic system, to reconcile the multiple interests, values and forms of resource use.

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