True Nature Foundation joins Climate Cleanup

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The Hague, November 11, 2018 – Last week True Nature Foundation joined the Climate Cleanup Foundation (CCF) as contributing partner. CCF overall goal is to draw down 1500 Gigaton of CO2 this century and to restore the global carbon balance. TNF will contribute to this goal by integrating carbon sequestration into her mission, project objectives and design. 

The Climate Cleanup Foundation (CCF) is an independent non-profit organisation, established by entrepreneurs who actually take down CO2 from the oceans or atmosphere. CCF drives the circular, biobased economy by harvesting its basic resource: carbon. Its mission is to reverse climate change by restoring the global carbon balance.

To reverse climate change, two steps are needed: stop emissions and remove carbon from the atmosphere, the basic building block of everything that lives. Nature is great at fixing carbon. In the fall trees and plants on the Northern hemisphere (the largest landmass) let go of their leaves and the CO2 concentration increases, in spring the carbon is taken up again as they grow. The earth breathes.

Humans contributed to increased carbon levels, year by year, up to 1500 gigaton CO2, but they can also help nature to remove the excess and restore the balance. Plants and trees grow by taking up carbon right out of the air through assimilation. Seaweeds, algae and other aquatic plants are about the fastest growing plants on the planet, potentially sequestering gigatons of excess carbon.

Carbon sinks can be created in wood, wetlands or in peatland, for instance by applying silviculture on land or paludiculture in water. Landscape restoration and afforestation can further contribute to significant sequestration of carbon. Opportunities that True Nature Foundation, within the carbon drawdown framework of CCF, will pursue when designing its projects in Europe, applying proven science based methods that have the potential to be scaled up and add value.


True Nature Foundation’s mission is to combine ecological restoration and conservation to create thriving environments for sustainable development and resilient communities. Our success depends on the active involvement of communities whose lives and livelihoods are linked to the natural ecosystems we seek to sustainably protect.



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