Stunning autumn landscapes captured in Anciles Wildlife Reserve, Northern Spain

by | Nov 2, 2017 | Biodiversity, Valle del Bisonte | 3 comments

This season is a great time to head outside and explore some of the best autumn landscapes in Europe. What better place to witness the changing colours, when they are in full glory, then in Anciles Wildlife Reserve in Riaño, Northern Spain?

Anciles forms part of Picos de Europa ecosystem in the Cantabrian Mountains, a range of mountains 20 km inland from the northern coast of Spain, in the Autonomous Communities of Asturias, Cantabria and Castile and León.

Cantabrian brown bears and wolves live in this area, as well as chamois, Spanish ibex and hundreds of bird species. Large grazers are currently reintroduced such as European bison, waterbuffalo and pottoka horses.

These animals, that until recently formed an intricate part of our European ecosystems, are essential in shaping and reshaping healthy natural landscapes.

Here are some of the stunning autumns impressions that can be witnessed throughout Anciles Wildlife Reserve these weeks.


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    Where exactly can the animals be seen in the reserve? is there a guide for seeing the horses?

    • True Nature Foundation

      The animals are roaming throughout the reserve and not always easy to spot and find. However, starting spring 2018, we will have a wildlife guide available who can take you to the horses, bison and water buffalo. Thank you!

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    I am very interested in visiting the reserve as an amateur wildlife photographer We spend 6 months per year in Spain We will be coming on 1st september 2020 with our motorhome landing at santander Can you advise as to how we can get to the valley and prices re guide/availabity/transport please


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