First wild wolf cubs born in the Netherlands in more than 100 years

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The first wolf cubs born in the Netherlands in more than a hundred years have been spotted in the North Veluwe area in the Netherlands. This is confirmed by cam trap footage released by the province of Gelderland on Wednesday.
The footage shows three cubs exploring the area. The province of Gelderland says there may be three to five wolf cubs in total. The two adult animals have been present in the area for some time and are originally from the German population.
The male and female appeared on a photo together last month. At that time it was not yet clear whether they settled in the area. The new film material has now established this.
According to Maurice La Haye of the Zoogdiervereniging there is little chance that visitors to the nature reserve will encounter the wolves. La Haye and the province of Gelderland urge people not to look for it either. “They need rest. They are afraid of people and we have to keep it that way”, explains La Haye.  Staatsbosbeheer has also introduced extra supervision to prevent people from getting too close to the animals.


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